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Wisnet Technology Inc. was established with the aim of producing high-efficiency yet low-cost products and services that can be used in private and public areas using R&D-based technology. Wisnet Technology Inc. developes Cloud Based Cyber ​​Security Software with its expert staff.

  • Works of R&D about Cyber Security,
  • Embeded System Projects,
  • Network Configuration and Management
  • Consultation about Technology

We provide full and effective support to ERP software and computer systems.

Corporate reporting is one of the most important tools that organizations use to communicate with their internal and external stakeholders. Institutional reports such as printed, electronic, video, etc. help stakeholders in various ways that institutions to be accountable and transparent. In addition, it contributes to minimizing the knowledge level differences between stakeholders.

We provide the products and software you need by working on B2B projects.

We offer application security services with different models for all applications you develop and provide. We can provide black box, gray box and source code analysis services for each model.

We provide all your need of information technology from A to Z with our experienced experts.

System setup should be planned carefully with long-term and versitile consideration in all corporate and national companies.It is essential that .

Our Services

Our Work

  • Intrusion Detection
  • DSL, ISDN, MAN, Creating large location wireless coverage
  • Microsoft windows server solutions, Exchange, Proxy Server, ISA Server configuration and education
  • Network and Internet services setup(Web server, active directory, exchange server, dns, SQL server)
  • Point-to-point connectivity, remote access and virtual network solutions
  • Security architecture design, network access control (NAC)
  • Gateway antivirus solutions, firewall solutions (Firewall), Web filtering solutions
  • IPSec VPN ve PP TP inter-branch VPN, user authentication (Radius, LDAP)
  • Setting and regulating network and Internet services (resource sharing, file, printer, etc.)
  • System control room setup and security, multiMode, single mode fiber systems
  • Cross-platform integration(Unix – Linux- Mainframe – PC Network)
  • AV Gateway, IDS, IPS, IDP, Web FilterAV Gateway, IDS, IPS, IDP, Web Filter, Installation and support of network devices
  • Wi-Fi Roaming ve Wi-Fi Point-to-PointWi-Fi Roaming ve Wi-Fi Point-to-Point, SSL VPN(Execution Mode) ve SSL VPN (Tunnel Mode)
We produce solutions for the needs of our customers. Our process, which starts with system needs analysis, ends with "Tailor Made" solutions if needed. We produce solutions in the appropriate environment (Web, Server-based, Mobile) by performing analysis and design studies for Commercial Software used / ERP system / CRM systems / Automation systems etc.

In cases where the needs of our customers cannot be met with a ready-made solution, "Boutique Solutions" are produced where the operating cost is at optimum levels, even though the investment cost is high. As in technology, there is no static in needs.

The needs in the dynamic business world are developing rapidly and parallel solutions need to be developed at the same pace. “Version transition”, “Special Project Cost”, “Long deadline” etc. experienced in package solutions. Many customers prefer unique “Boutique” solutions in their “CRITICAL” processes and applications.
With the rapid development of security technologies and the increasing importance of home and workplace security, staying away from the sector might cause security gaps. Giving the needed importance to R&D studies, strengthening our technical staff, completing repair and after-service trainings and having the necessary infrastructure. We offer you faster solutions in all our products..

We see all of the imported products in person and test the quality for you, and we prepare stylish designs for you, our valuable solution partners, with great care. Today where technology is advancing rapidly, we will continue to provide you with the best products and services in terms of price and quality, by following and analyzing the developments in the security sector all over the world and by continuing to bring the brand and quality of the companies that offer the most reliable solutions to our country. In our developing world, it will be our most important mission to present all the innovations that have emerged in this field, together with pioneering and creative solutions, to the benefit of our people and our customers in the future, as it is now, thanks to the advancing technology.

In this direction, our only vision will be to become a leading company and brand by meeting the needs of our customers in the highest quality and appropriate way, while always increasing the quality of our service, by bringing in our country professionally trained people in this field.
In today's business life, being strong and equipped by making use of information in every field creates a great advantage for institutions. The effective use of information technologies ensures optimum management of resources, thus saving time and work power, increasing quality and productivity. With its professional consultancy team, Wisnet Technology provides strategic consultancy services to institutions so that they can create more value in their field..

By producing ideal solutions at every stage of Analysis, Optimization and Integration, institutions are provided with the opportunity to concentrate more on their core business areas and to minimize operational costs. Within the scope of Technological Services, the existing infrastructure is examined, the status and usability of the systems are reported, the latest technologies are designed to meet the needs in the most accurate scope and implemented in a planned manner. Our consultants provide services in all areas required by technology, such as strategy development, analysis and modernization, optimization, feasibility control, integration and installation. In addition to these, Wisnet, which offers effective suggestions to institutions with its deep sector experience and knowledge in the development of long and medium-term IT strategies, planning and budget management, aims to improve business practices and provide competitive advantage.

As Wisnet Bilişim, we attach to service quality with importance, we focus on obtaining the maximum benefit from the work done by determining all risks and priorities in a comprehensive way, both in the preliminary analysis and editing stages of the work to be done, and in terms of providing the service in a complete and correct manner.


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